Getting into — and out of — the playa

So you think you drive and drive out of the playa, easy peasy and all like that? What happens if you and your friend drive to Reno together but one of you is on the early entry crew and the other isn’t? What about all the folks flying in from other states and countries who don’t have cars? Who pays for the rental car that sits for a whole week on the playa? What if it’s your friend’s car you’re in? Wouldn’t you want to pitch in to pay for more than gas, such as a thorough post-playa interior, exterior and engine cleaning? What if you need to leave the playa a day early but came in with someone else who rented a car? What if you’re not heading back to Reno after the playa but drove a load of people in to the playa?

Yep. Many factors to consider. Our camp helps coordinate rides for those who need them. Your job: Help us out by providing as quickly and as accurately as possible your travel plans, dates and what you have to offer and what you need. We don’t guarantee rides, per se; but so far we’ve managed to get (or help get) everyone in and everyone out.

Please know that transportation to and from the playa is not included in camp fees. Costs associated with travel to the playa are your personal expense, and if you’re hitching a ride with someone, you’ll probably want to budget $100-120 for transportation into and out of the playa.


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