Year-round storage

We have a lot of gear, structures, supplies and tools for the camp. And we need year-round storage to keep it all for us. We rent a storage unit outside of Reno, Nev., close to the rental homes where we meet, provision and prep for the burn. This rental unit is accessible any time of the year. We also own a shipping container that is a pack-it-in-get-it-next-year deal. Both of these storage places are part of our camp’s infrastructure and logistical systems.

We allow some year-round storage for campmates 

For people that camp with us and want to keep a small amount of their personal gear year round, we allow our campmates to keep —

  1. one large bin
  2. one cooler and
  3. one bike
… Within the conditions listed here —
  • If you return to camp with us the next year, your gear and your bike is yours to use and there is no charge.
  • If you return to Burning Man the next year but don’t camp with us, there is a $35/bin+cooler and $35/bike storage charge due to the camp ($70).
  • If you do not return the next year and have left a bike, your bike is considered camp property and available for use by another campmate with no compensation due to you, nor any responsibility to keep it in working order. (We’ll try, of course, but we offer no guarantees for the condition — or existence — of your bike.) There is a $50/year fee for storage for your bin and cooler. If you do not pay the annual storage fee, your gear is considered camp property to do with as we please (use, throw away, gift to someone else).
  • If you want to donate any larger items such as a tent, chairs, air mattresses, shade structure or other items, we accept many items as camp donations. You can use them when you return to camp with us, and it is your resonsibility to label them (very) well. We cannot and do not guarantee the condition of any item you donate temporarily to the camp. In other words, you’re giving the item to the camp but you can use it for your own needs when you return and camp with our camp.
An alternative storage option

A storage-unit neighbor and long-time Carrot, Michael V., rents out some of the space in his storage unit. You can always work with him if you’d like to rent space directly from him. Email Michael for more info if you’d prefer to rent storage space from him.