Specific actions required of all MC 2014 members now )'(

I’m really excited to be a part of More Carrot again and to see so many amazing people already lined up for this year’s camp. We’ve got a beautiful combination of returning Carrots and virgin Carrots, and I’m very much looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you, planning and preparing for the burn, and doing our Carrot magic in the dust!

Tom’s recent letter addressed foundational elements of who we are, what we do and why we do it. In this letter, I’m asking for you to take specific actions that are part of the behind-scenes prep work we do to prepare and collaborate —

Camp introductions and interviews

Key on everyone’s list of things to do is to —

  1. Answer the three questions we ask of each camp mate (about 15 mins);
  2. Set up a phone or skype call (or Google Hangout) with me/Jessie/Mama J to confirm some key points we need to address and answer any Qs you might have (30-45 minutes); and
  3. Add your personal information to our master list spreadsheet (about 15 mins).
Start reading

Have you seen our camp’s blog? Here you’ll find important information about our camp and your participation, helpful links, updates and announcements. There’s a checklist of things to do and have on your near-term radar here.

Pay your camp contribution

Our camp gift from each campmate is $400 this year. To see all the amenities, camp infrastructure elements and logistics that your gift supports, read here (scroll down). We are collecting each person’s funds starting now, with a payment deadline of June 30th. You can pay in increments of $100 or more, if that helps with your planning and budgeting.

How do you want to contribute and participate on a team?

As we prepare for this year’s burn there will be many opportunities to participate. On playa too, there are many aspects of camp maintenance that require tending, care and thoughtfulness. How do you see yourself contributing? For example, we need people to post information on our WordPress site, to collect camp contributions and track who has paid. We need lighting designers to come up with cool ways to light up our dome’s exterior, bike maintenance people to prep for and clean after the playa. Someone will be managing our public Facebook page. Will it be you? Are you a builder? We have structures that need to be planned and built. Finances to be tracked. Research to do. And much more.

I assume that many/most/all of you are busy and perhaps even feel overwhelmed with all you have to do … and now to prepare for Burning Man, as well! (Though, in my experience, that can be an exhilarating type of overwhelmedness.) There’s going to be a lot asked of you in the coming months, plus your personal prep and team participation may task your time and commitments. Please read the camp emails, be honorable about your commitments and what’s involved to participate in our camp (including the pre-burn admin, reading and emails) and be engaged. Get to know your campmates. We’re going to be spending one amaaaaaaazing week together in the desert!

Spring (… or Autumn, depending on where you live) is just days away. It’s a time of shift and a time to start preparing in more earnest.

Love to you all,

Mama J

PS – Stay tuned for upcoming emails about teams and such. It’s important that we have everyone’s introductions in hand and interviews done or scheduled when we start building out the teams.


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