Your camp contribution (payment)

Your financial gift to the camp

Camp contributions are $400 per person. Of that $400, $50 goes directly to the French Quarter as a required per-campmate fee; approx $80 goes to cover your stay and meal plan in Reno for our pre-playa house rental; and then the final $270 goes toward camp expenses (see “what’s included” below). We do not offer scholarships or abatements on the per-person camp fee. You’re welcome to look at our budget from 2013 and how we spend our funds.

How to make the payment

The document outlining how to make your payments is here.

The letter sent to all campmates about your camp contribution is here.

Questions about sending in your contribution? Contact Lupi at (email or text, three oh one + 312-6675).

Payment is due June 10th

Camp contributions can be made starting now and final payment is due June 10th. Incremental payments of $100 or more per payment are accepted.

Personal budgeting considerations

Please make sure that in addition to your Burning Man ticket price (approx $400) and travel costs, you budget for the following:

  • $400 – camp contribution, as listed above (for expenses, infrastructure, farmer’s market, etc.);
  • $50 – to purchase food for the one night you’ll be on a cooking team for the camp; this gets you eight nights of hot-cooked dinner meals, one of which you cook with others;
  • $100 – approx bike rental cost if you don’t have a bike;
  • $100 – bike security deposit for a rented bike;
  • $120 – approx- your ride into and out of the playa; unless you’re driving your own car, you’ll probably be in someone else’s car and will need to pay for your share of gas, cleaning expense and, if a rental, rental car fees;
  • $150 – food, drinks, alcohol, enhancements — our camp provides drinking water and you’ll get a hot meal each night, but other than that, food and drink costs are your own to cover. (You’ll probably consume about 25 percent of the food you think you need; save yourself some money and buy a fraction of the food you think you should buy.)
  • $30-$50 –  ice and coffee on playa;
  • $100 – misc stuff you forgot to buy and will purchase in Reno; and
  • $0 – gifts — no need to buy/bring/make gifts (unless you want to); our farmers market and your participation in it are, indeed, a gift.