Our physical structures

These are the physical structures our camp has and/or will have this year. First the list; then later, some notes about each.

Just the items

Current inventory
  • A 30-foot dome
  • A kitchen tent (carport)
  • A carport structure
  • 12-foot dome
  • A shipping container
  • Our Budget rental truck
  • Farmers market stall
  • Farmers market ready-to-eat stall
  • Trash tent (lean to or 3-wall, make-shift structure)
  • A scaffold tower
  • Structured shade set up (36×20′ from these folks)
Structures to purchase or build
  • Container guardrail
  • Expanded kitchen set up
Structures we can share
  • French Quarter bay for Farmers Market (possibly)

The list, again, with notes … for those more interested in camp set-up

Current inventory
  • A 30-foot dome (from Shelter Systems)
  • A kitchen tent (a CostCo structure)
  • 12-foot dome (acquired as a left-behind from another camp in 2013; we think we got all the parts!); currently has no articulated purpose; could be a personal care/washing station (not showers), a less-dusty dishwashing area, or something else …
  • A shipping container (8 x 8ish x 20′); top area – dance floor, hang-out space; interior use is our produce cooling area
  • Our Budget rental truck (cab + 24′-ft /7.3-meters truck + plank that is kept out)
  • Farmers market stall (needs a re-do; very bulky to store; hard to assemble; could be more functional)
  • Farmers market ready-to-eat stall (shorter, taller structure; convert it this year to the smoothie station)
  • Carport (often called a Costco in FQ lingo; used in 2014 as the back-kitchen area for the farmers market — critical use)
  • Trash tent (DIY lean-to; we need three “walls” and a secured plastic tarp on the ground for our trash “tent”)
  • A scaffold tower
  • Structured shade set up (36×20′ from these folks)
Structures to purchase or build
  • Expanded kitchen area and resources
  • Possible guard rail around the top of the container (safety)
Structures we can share
  • TBD – French Quarter bay set up (one or two)
Other links for understanding what our camp has 
  • Spreadsheet of structures and sizes here
  • Detailed camp inventory doc here
  • What the camp brings here.
  • Last year’s camp layout (handdrawn, one draft) and CAD version (another draft) for a very tight space allocation.

Draft layout from 2013





While many in our camp get up fairly early for their farmers market shifts, many others sleep in or take afternoon naps or hang out in their tents. Our shaded tent area makes this possible, and we aim to make sure that each tent is covered and in the shade most of the day.


Above is a photo of our larger-than-it-looks shade structure for tents. Anchored to our 24-foot truck on one end and the playa at the other, we were able to provide shade space for all 29 of our campmates; many of whom were in shared tents, of course; others of whom had larger tents. All in all, each tent was shaded. Image

With lots of care and attention, we arranged each tent for a path to get in and out of our shaded area with relative ease. No tents were staked in until each and every tent was perfectly situated.

More photos of our amazing dome – Burning Man 2012

Here are some more photos of our amazing More Carrot dome at Burning Man 2012. Our dome was our home within our home, a space to gather, nap and relax, shoot the breeze, er, uh, dust with fellow campmates, entertained guests for our VIC (Very Important Carrots) dinner … and it’s where we gathered for our warm and cozy nightly group meals.

Big thanks to Ana and Amalie, Felix and Blaz, Saul and Josh, Jackiii and Stephen, the Manly Men and everyone else who helped build, decorate and make possible our dome home.

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Our amazing dome on the playa!

We had a fantastic dome this past year and have all the items in storage to make it as grand, comfy, functional and awesome in the years to come. With a full floor of real carpet, chairs, couches, a queen bed, coffee tables and end tables, chandeliers, pillows, a sound system and tons of fun Carrot-themed accessories, our dome was a great place for hanging out, our VIC (Very Important Carrot) dinner, napping, gathering after a late night out and, of course, our group meals together.

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