2014 Teams

Here is a sketch of our teams and functions to date. As you can see, there are a number of slots yet to be filled and postions still open. (Yes, there is space for you to step in and be more involved.)

Scroll all the way to the bottom to see this same information organized by person. Send updates to Jessie.

More Carrot 2014 – Teams

Coordination Team

Made up of all team leaders

  • Dave – Infrastructure
  • Tatiana – Decor
  • Bob – Kitchen & LNT
  • Sean – Farmers Market
  • Matt – Countless Carrots March
  • Tamara – Communications
  • Tom – Deputy
  • + Jessie – Camp coordinator
Crowdfunding Team (the Sydney Crew)

Fundraising, gifts, fulfillment + camp gift

  • Lead: Tom/other person ?
  • Avis
  • Tim
  • Dane
  • Mikee
  • Ele
Communications Team

Internal and external, Facebook, radio ads, cross-camp and -village event promotions

  • Lead: Tamara
  • Ash (external / public Facebook page; March)
  • Hannah (camp introductions; March)
  • Gabe (internal / camp Facebook group)
  • Tim?
Infrastructure Team

Power, structures, tower, shade

  • Lead: Dave
  • Zyg
  • Gabe
  • James
  • Blaz
  • +MORE
Decor Team

Banners, murals, inside dome, lighting (interior and exterior) … beauty

  • Lead: Tatiana
  • Maya
  • Jane
  • Ash
  • Peter
  • Avis
  • +MORE
Kitchen Team

Set-up, cooking team schedule and Reno meal plan

  • Lead: Bob
  • Erica
  • Jen
  • Lupi
  • Maya
LNT / Leave No Trace Team

Trash, recycling, vegetable waste, water

  • Lead: Bob
  • Jane
  • Mikee
  • + MORE
Farmers Market Team

Provisions, smoothies, roster, decor, possible performers

  • Lead: Sean
  • Naked Jen
  • T
  • Danielle
  • Wheezy
  • Peter
 Countless Carrots March Team

Pre-party at camp, costuming and make-up, music, banners, promotion; and post-march party back at the camp

  • Lead: Matt
  • Maya
  • Jane
  • Hannah
  • Ash


  • Bike maintenance – Ele, Avis & Mikee
  • Bike rental coordinator  – Mikee
  • Bookkeeping and budgeting – Lupi
  • Safety – Fire: Danielle; First Aid: Peter, Hannah, Ele
  • Airport pickup coordinator – Hannah
  • Ride coordinator, into and out of the playa – Blaz
  • Spare tent and equipment coordinator (TBD)
  • Collaboration tool coordinator (Mikee? / TBD)
  • Reno – open & close houses – Tamara
  • Truck / Tetris – Matt &  Max




So many shoes to fill; opportunities to contribute

Each year, our small camp of 30 or so people attracts a wide variety of people with various skills and interests.We assemble teams for pre-playa preparations and on-site camp maintenace. Here are some of / many of the roles —

Airport pickup coordinators
Bike maintainers
Budget development helpers
Compost / dessication attendants
Contract adminstrators
Couch movers
Database and excel sheet trackers
DIY smoothie-maker coordinators
Dome builders

Dome space managers

Facebook page managers
Farmers market managers

French Quarter Liaison
Fulfillment helpers
Graphic designers
Grey water managers
Kitchen clean up teams
Kitchen set-up designers
Late(r) Team Manager
Leave No Trace fanatics
Lighting designers
Love bubble makers
MOOP sweepers
Nurses and medical professionals
Online publishers
Organizers – data
Organizers – people
Organizers – stuff
Power and electriciy managers
Produce managers
Public relations specialists
Radio ad creators
Rental property liaisons
Safety officer
Scaffold builders
Shade makers and designers
Space layout designers
Transportation Coordinator
Trash and recyling sorters
Truck drivers
Truck packers
Water managers

For a look at some of the more defined functions and their responsibities, take a look here.


When I posted the list above on Facebook and asked for help in identifying roles I might have missed, this is what came in —

Zip suiters
Rainmaker. Brute Force
Good vibes technicians, Unskilled labor specialists
Fluffers. to take care of the people who work too hard in the sun for too long and forget to take water and snack breaks.
Bunny Wranglers, Costume Cults, Pyrotechnicians
Ice Wranglers
Kick-ass Builders
Kitchen Assistants
Uniform Makers
Xenobiologist (to study alien life at BM)
Zen Masters
“OMG you left out Guitar Hero!”
Inter-Camp Relationship Manager. We often coordinate with our neighbors on things such as power, creating an access road, etc. to help create a cohesive neighborhood.
Dance instructors & group dance coordinators
Map-readers, party people…
Quarrels Facilitator, Question Answering Machine
Consent Contact
EL wire experts
Quizzical Quilters?
Missing Carrot Sign Sleuth, Carpet Replacement Expert and Moop Monitor
“How did you leave off FLUFFERS?”
Moop related specifically to the new or old carpet
All you need is bartender and the enforcer. Well at least in a camp like mine. A real bartender. The one that gives you whatever is close at hand not what you want or inquire. That’s essential.
Sunscreen monitor
Drama eliminator?
Interactive artists, zoo keepers, umbrella builders, UV rangers, zebra riders,
Backup dancers
Chief Watermelon Technician!
Storage Container Jazzer Upperer
Dress rehearsal stage makeup manager