Behind the scenes … in pictures

Staging, setting up and starting to load the truck.

Staging, setting up and starting to load the truck.

While many of the photos you’ve probably seen of Burning Man may capture the stunning art, the artful outfits people where or moments of intensity and action, a lot of what happens is, of course, day in and day out activities of planning, prep, building, maintenance and tear down. Here are some photos of our camp that will show the non-glamorous, yet camaraderie-building work we do to make our camp happen.

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Prep time in Reno (click for more pics)

In a group rental home the weekend before the burn, here we are unpacking our storage unit, fixing and cleaning gear; prepping our food for the farmers market, personal provisioning and shopping, meals together and, of course, packing the truck.

One of our many delicious and nutritious group meals in Reno.Setting up and early arrival (click for more pics)

A subset of our whole camp goes in early to lay the base of the camp. Here we are unloading the truck; and doing our best to sort what came off the truck; planning out the space; saying “hi” to neighbors and friends; setting up the kitchen, yurt, dome and other structures; un-dusting a dusty carpet from last year and more.

Around camp (click for more pics)

Some photos of our dome, yurt and kitchen … plus photos from the Carrot Cargo Club dance floor. Here are some more.

Our shipping container. Our farmers market (click for more pics)

Behind the scenes, interacting with our “customers” and having fun at our farmers market.

Our Countless Carrots March (click for more pics)

Photos of the pre-party at our camp and our march out to meet the Billion Bunnies.


Lots more photos on our Facebook page. And more on our blog (scroll through).


At our storage unit outside of Reno, packing -- or may unpacking -- the truck.

At our storage unit outside of Reno, packing — or may unpacking — the truck.


Photos: our farmers market and more

All photos by Dharmesh Mistry, @dcmistry


The Moop Song: Featuring Buddy Carrot

As the good people at the Jack Rabbit Speaks wrote about this video. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

We don’t even … know … what to say about this, except that this dude is AWESOME. Hear what may just be the best (!!) song ever written about Matter Out of Place (MOOP). And the bonus? It’s a sing-along! Created by 2012 virgin Burner Shwaman Josh of The More Carrots (a Black Rock farmer’s market in the French Quarter Village).


Here’s our story its sad and true
About some trash and a carrot crew
we took some stuff and threw it around
and now we gotta pick it up off the ground

Moop Moop
Bumda moopty moopy, moop moop
Bumda moopty moopy, moop moop
Bumda moopty moopy, moop moop

We are the carrots and we’re good for the heart
we’re biodegradable and that’s a start
but listen people what we’re telling you
we gotta pick up all of the moop

We on the playa, it’s a grand ole place
and we tell you all, don’t be a disgrace
so if you don’t want to stay out of the loop
you gotta pick up all of the moop


Ahh people like to travel around
and throw stuff all over the ground
now people let us put you wise
trash is something we despise

Here’s the moral and the story from a root that knows
that when it’s trash you gotta dispose
Don’t be a fool, we’re here to tell you, today
we gotta pick up all of the moop


While many in our camp get up fairly early for their farmers market shifts, many others sleep in or take afternoon naps or hang out in their tents. Our shaded tent area makes this possible, and we aim to make sure that each tent is covered and in the shade most of the day.


Above is a photo of our larger-than-it-looks shade structure for tents. Anchored to our 24-foot truck on one end and the playa at the other, we were able to provide shade space for all 29 of our campmates; many of whom were in shared tents, of course; others of whom had larger tents. All in all, each tent was shaded. Image

With lots of care and attention, we arranged each tent for a path to get in and out of our shaded area with relative ease. No tents were staked in until each and every tent was perfectly situated.

More photos of our 2012 Farmers Market at Burning Man

Here are some more photos of our 2012 camp and Farmers Market at Burning Man. Click on a photo to watch the slide show.

More photos of our amazing dome – Burning Man 2012

Here are some more photos of our amazing More Carrot dome at Burning Man 2012. Our dome was our home within our home, a space to gather, nap and relax, shoot the breeze, er, uh, dust with fellow campmates, entertained guests for our VIC (Very Important Carrots) dinner … and it’s where we gathered for our warm and cozy nightly group meals.

Big thanks to Ana and Amalie, Felix and Blaz, Saul and Josh, Jackiii and Stephen, the Manly Men and everyone else who helped build, decorate and make possible our dome home.

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