2014 – Important Dates

Here are some important dates to keep on your radar when planning for your trip and time on the playa.

Monday, August 18 – Sunday, August 24

A handful or so of people will be on playa for Build Week to help build the French Quarter structures and, hopefully, a MC structure or two.

Wednesday, August 20

The second wave of Carrots start arriving in Reno. We move into the Green house on Autumn Hills Drive that afternoon at 3 pm.

Thursday, August 21

The third wave of Carrots arrive in Reno. We move into the Orange house on Huffaker Lane. Thursday is a “take care of your business” day. The first camp meals start Thursday evening. Everyone should have their “Reno bag” and the “rest of the gear” sorted and labeled.

Friday, August 22

We pick up a small 10-ft  rental truck at U-Haul at 7 am and the day goes from there. Storage unit unpacking, team projects, staging of items to put on the truck, decor, fulfillmnent … it’s a sun-up til sun-down and then some day.

Satuday, August 23

We pick up our 24-ft truck early in the morning, get our water barrels filled, get our produce to prep back at the rental houses and load the truck, well, wisely and quickly. The Early Arrival team departs around 12 noon. The Green House is vacated.

On playa, the truck is situated, and the kitchen and dome, as priorities, are set up. Everyone sleeps in the dome this evening; no personal tent set up yet. Back in Reno, the Late Entry Crew finishes any projects, personal provisioning and cooking team prep.

Sunday, August 24

The Normal Arrival team leaves around 6 a.m. (or earlier) for a gate opening of 10 a.m. (This can still take six, seven, eight hours to get through and to the camp.) Camp build continues. As a default, everyone sleeps in the dome. No personal tent set up yet.

Monday, August 25

Camp set up continues until complete. Opening ceremony, group dinner, all campmates requested to be present.

Tuesday, August 26

Our market opens. Mobile delivery and crowdfunding campaign fulfillment (produce deliveries and on-playa pick-up) commences.

Thursday, August 28

Countless Carrots March Pre-party (around 4 pm) — all Carrots encouraged to be at the event. Earlier in the day, straightening the camp up, setting up for the party and other help is needed. 

Friday, August 29

Last day of our farmers market. Post-party clean-up, deMOOPing and straightening up the public parts of the camp done during the day.

Saturday, August 30

The Man burns!

Sunday, August 31

Camp tear down projects for people who have early departures. 

Monday, September 1

Pack down the camp — all hands on deck! Last camp meal together.  Exodus (they don’t use this word lightly; count on a six-hour departure, start to finish). Plan to have food and drink in your car. Arrive in Reno (probably early evening.) Check into hotel – shower, eat, sleep. Return rental cars. If you’re staying on playa and departing Tuesday, continue helping the FQ pack down and do village-wide MOOP sweeps.

Tuesday, September 2

Many people will stay over ’til Tuesday for a final packdown of personal gear and helping with the French Quarter pack down and MOOP sweep. All hands on deck back in Reno. Pack storage unit for next year. Return truck. Wash and return privately rented cars. Depart for decompression / vacation / return to default world.