Behind the scenes … in pictures

Staging, setting up and starting to load the truck.

Staging, setting up and starting to load the truck.

While many of the photos you’ve probably seen of Burning Man may capture the stunning art, the artful outfits people where or moments of intensity and action, a lot of what happens is, of course, day in and day out activities of planning, prep, building, maintenance and tear down. Here are some photos of our camp that will show the non-glamorous, yet camaraderie-building work we do to make our camp happen.

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Prep time in Reno (click for more pics)

In a group rental home the weekend before the burn, here we are unpacking our storage unit, fixing and cleaning gear; prepping our food for the farmers market, personal provisioning and shopping, meals together and, of course, packing the truck.

One of our many delicious and nutritious group meals in Reno.Setting up and early arrival (click for more pics)

A subset of our whole camp goes in early to lay the base of the camp. Here we are unloading the truck; and doing our best to sort what came off the truck; planning out the space; saying “hi” to neighbors and friends; setting up the kitchen, yurt, dome and other structures; un-dusting a dusty carpet from last year and more.

Around camp (click for more pics)

Some photos of our dome, yurt and kitchen … plus photos from the Carrot Cargo Club dance floor. Here are some more.

Our shipping container. Our farmers market (click for more pics)

Behind the scenes, interacting with our “customers” and having fun at our farmers market.

Our Countless Carrots March (click for more pics)

Photos of the pre-party at our camp and our march out to meet the Billion Bunnies.


Lots more photos on our Facebook page. And more on our blog (scroll through).


At our storage unit outside of Reno, packing -- or may unpacking -- the truck.

At our storage unit outside of Reno, packing — or may unpacking — the truck.


So many shoes to fill; opportunities to contribute

Each year, our small camp of 30 or so people attracts a wide variety of people with various skills and interests.We assemble teams for pre-playa preparations and on-site camp maintenace. Here are some of / many of the roles —

Airport pickup coordinators
Bike maintainers
Budget development helpers
Compost / dessication attendants
Contract adminstrators
Couch movers
Database and excel sheet trackers
DIY smoothie-maker coordinators
Dome builders

Dome space managers

Facebook page managers
Farmers market managers

French Quarter Liaison
Fulfillment helpers
Graphic designers
Grey water managers
Kitchen clean up teams
Kitchen set-up designers
Late(r) Team Manager
Leave No Trace fanatics
Lighting designers
Love bubble makers
MOOP sweepers
Nurses and medical professionals
Online publishers
Organizers – data
Organizers – people
Organizers – stuff
Power and electriciy managers
Produce managers
Public relations specialists
Radio ad creators
Rental property liaisons
Safety officer
Scaffold builders
Shade makers and designers
Space layout designers
Transportation Coordinator
Trash and recyling sorters
Truck drivers
Truck packers
Water managers

For a look at some of the more defined functions and their responsibities, take a look here.


When I posted the list above on Facebook and asked for help in identifying roles I might have missed, this is what came in —

Zip suiters
Rainmaker. Brute Force
Good vibes technicians, Unskilled labor specialists
Fluffers. to take care of the people who work too hard in the sun for too long and forget to take water and snack breaks.
Bunny Wranglers, Costume Cults, Pyrotechnicians
Ice Wranglers
Kick-ass Builders
Kitchen Assistants
Uniform Makers
Xenobiologist (to study alien life at BM)
Zen Masters
“OMG you left out Guitar Hero!”
Inter-Camp Relationship Manager. We often coordinate with our neighbors on things such as power, creating an access road, etc. to help create a cohesive neighborhood.
Dance instructors & group dance coordinators
Map-readers, party people…
Quarrels Facilitator, Question Answering Machine
Consent Contact
EL wire experts
Quizzical Quilters?
Missing Carrot Sign Sleuth, Carpet Replacement Expert and Moop Monitor
“How did you leave off FLUFFERS?”
Moop related specifically to the new or old carpet
All you need is bartender and the enforcer. Well at least in a camp like mine. A real bartender. The one that gives you whatever is close at hand not what you want or inquire. That’s essential.
Sunscreen monitor
Drama eliminator?
Interactive artists, zoo keepers, umbrella builders, UV rangers, zebra riders,
Backup dancers
Chief Watermelon Technician!
Storage Container Jazzer Upperer
Dress rehearsal stage makeup manager

We have some spaces open for 2015

Hi there, If you’re interested in our camp, poke around on this blog, check us out on Facebook and send us an email with the words “I want More Carrots” in the email subject line, if you’d please. And answer these three questions for us: 1) Who are you and why do you want to come to Burning Man?, 2) Why do you want to camp with The More Carrots?, and 3) What specific skills, resources, attributes will your bring to our camp? We consciously and with choice keep our camp numbers in the 30-40-person range. This choice means there is more work, more farmers market shifts and more engagement and participation per person. It also means you’ll have ample opportunities to connect with every person in the camp, as we keep our group relatively intimate and knowable.

To learn a bit more about what’s asked of our camp mates, read below. Our camp has a range of people and demographics with campmates’ ages typically ranging from the early twenties to the high fifties. Our campmates come from a number of countries (and many of them from Australia). We welcome virgins and aim to keep a ratio of about one-third virgins and two-thirds experienced campmates. Mainly, we look for a fit and a match more than a type. We provide an excellent environment for a full-on, engaged, participatory Burning Man experience. If you’re just looking to party, we’re not a good match. If you want to give, participate and relish in the team work, individual effort and sweetness of a tight, well-organized camp — especially if you know a current Carrot — let’s talk.

Thanks, and peas be with you! ***

What makes a great Carrot —

  • A great attitude: knowing when to work, when to play, when to serve and when to chill;
  • Doing your best to live the 10 Principles;
  • A general wholesomeness, physical strength to participate in the camp build out and other functions, and a general tech savviness to collaborate and communicate in the camp’s planning; and
  • Team orientation plus the ability to take responsibility for your self, your actions and your commitments.
  • (Rock star orange and green attire doesn’t hurt.)

Our preference is to camp with people with whom we have connections or people who live near other campmates so that we can do projects and get-togethers before and after the burn. For 2015, there are a lot of people from the DC-Balto area; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Ann Arbor, Mich.

What we ask of our Carrots —

  • Arriving and staying for at least a specific range of time (see below for options);
  • Participating in both our camp build and our pack down (We can be negotiable on the days, though not on the function);
  • Paying our per-person camp contribution;
  • Having a PayPal account or ability to transfer money without fees;
  • Having (and using) a Facebook account, as much of our chatting and connecting as a camp is done in a private Facebook group;
  • Having a Gmail account and participating in our Google Hangouts, adding info to and using Google Docs and Spreadsheets and being relatively able to navigate information online;
  • Participating on one or more team(s) and/or taking on special projects;
  • Doing farmers market shifts and other on-playa camp-support tasks as needed;
  • Participating in one evening’s cooking team meal prep;
  • Supporting any fundraising projects we do and reaching out to your network;
  • Being physically able to carry your own gear and help with camp set up and support;and
  • Being awesome in your own way!

Arrival and departure time frames required for our campmates

We have a high-amenities camp with lots of camp infrastructure and supplies. We also aim to keep our numbers relatively intimate (30-40 people), and as such we need everyone to help out and build, maintain and packdown our camp. This year, we have three arrive/depart options and to camp with us, your travel plans need to fall within one of these ranges.

  • Arriving in Reno by Sunday, 8/23 for Super Early Arrival and Build Week on the playa; depart any time;
  • Arriving in Reno by Thursday, 8/27 for our camp’s truck load and provisioning; depart any time;
  • Arriving in Reno Saturday, 8/29 (preferred) or 8/30 early in the day; you *must* be on the road to the playa by Sunday afternoon; and you *must* stay for full camp pack down of our Reno storage unit on Monday, 9/7, which means you’ll be departing Reno no earlier than Monday evening.

We have some tents, mattresses and sleeping bags; chairs, coolers and rebar.

We have some tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses that have been donated to the camp; these are available for use by some of our camp members. (ABC person) will manage the requests for these items with preference given first to people who are returning camp mates traveling internationally, second, to returning campmates in the US, and third, to first-timers with our camp. It’s not an exact science of how tents and gear are distributed, but it’s fair enough to say that those who are participating more and are more engaged and involved are more likely to get loaner spare gear than those who aren’t.

shade structure burning man 12If you’re traveling in a group of two or three and want to share a tent, we often have a few large tents, too, but there are no guarantees offered.

In Reno, when we all meet, you’ll test your tent, set it up and make sure all the bits are there are working; your air mattress, too, if you’ve requested one and there’s one available. You might be able to wash your sleeping bag, though we had some challenges last year with the size of the washing machine at our rental unit and the bags.

In any case, and, of course, these items are offered as is. Be prepared to purchase what you need in case the items don’t work out for you. And, help a Carrot out next year: when we depart the playa, take care to pack down your tent well with all the poles well marked, attached and packed away for someone to use it the following year. Mark the tent well with the approximate dimension. Your ability to have access to a free tent or other gear is because someone did the same before you.


We have lots of camping chairs No need to pack or buy one. We have gobs.


We have plenty of rebar for staking all personal tents. No need to purchase or bring any.


And we have a few small coolers that are available for use. Camp-related functions such as the Countless Carrots March and  cooking teams get first dibs on the coolers, and there may be some left over for your use.


Photos: our farmers market and more

All photos by Dharmesh Mistry, @dcmistry


The Moop Song: Featuring Buddy Carrot

As the good people at the Jack Rabbit Speaks wrote about this video. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

We don’t even … know … what to say about this, except that this dude is AWESOME. Hear what may just be the best (!!) song ever written about Matter Out of Place (MOOP). And the bonus? It’s a sing-along! Created by 2012 virgin Burner Shwaman Josh of The More Carrots (a Black Rock farmer’s market in the French Quarter Village).


Here’s our story its sad and true
About some trash and a carrot crew
we took some stuff and threw it around
and now we gotta pick it up off the ground

Moop Moop
Bumda moopty moopy, moop moop
Bumda moopty moopy, moop moop
Bumda moopty moopy, moop moop

We are the carrots and we’re good for the heart
we’re biodegradable and that’s a start
but listen people what we’re telling you
we gotta pick up all of the moop

We on the playa, it’s a grand ole place
and we tell you all, don’t be a disgrace
so if you don’t want to stay out of the loop
you gotta pick up all of the moop


Ahh people like to travel around
and throw stuff all over the ground
now people let us put you wise
trash is something we despise

Here’s the moral and the story from a root that knows
that when it’s trash you gotta dispose
Don’t be a fool, we’re here to tell you, today
we gotta pick up all of the moop