Please support our camp through our crowdfunding campaign

Please support our camp through our crowdfunding campaign. We bring veggies, produce and wholesome goodness to the playa. Ten dollars for a quick and simple donation. Thirty-five for a fantastic “Keep Calm and Carrot On” T-shirt and $150 for “SEEDS OF SEDUCTION: A sexy sexy collection of only the most sensual fruit and vegetables such as strawberries, melons and kiwifruit. Perfect for that special playa date… Comes with a bottle of COLD champagne! Also with 2 x patches and beautiful handmade soap (so you can freshen up for your big date).” 🙂


Burning Man Farmers Market

Help support our farmers market at Burning Man this year.

burner man fresh vegetables delivered burning man mug with carabiner and lid Delivery-of-Veg I-heart-Orange Juicy-Fruit more carrot beanie Playa-Survival-Pack Seeds-of-Seduction