Transportation & Getting Around

As a reminder, all transportation costs are yours and are not (other than the rental of a 22-ft truck) camp costs. That said, there’s still lots of figuring and coordinating to do. Read up and get educated.

Airport pick-up

Please let your campmates know when you’re arriving. Fill out the Arrivals & Departures section of the master spreadsheet with your info. We’re aiming to pick people up at the airport if they’re not renting a car.  And we’re aiming to meet people at the airport who are renting a car. We’ll confirm with everyone to know whether they are being picked up or not.

Travel in Reno 

The two houses we are renting are within walking distance of each other; about three blocks away. Everyone will have time and the opportunity to do personal provisioning and shopping; and time for cooking team shopping. Whether you are renting or bringing a car, we’ll hook you up with someone who does have a car so that you can do your shopping. Some camp-focused errands will be done with the truck; others with rental and personal cars and SUVs.

Travel to and from the playa

It can get a bit trickier here. Please read this getting into — and out of — the playa post. Blaz is taking the coordination of this project on. Please be good to him or her (give him the info he needs) and patient with him; it’s not one of the easier jobs. And expect to pay into a car share. Rare is the day that paying for your share of gas is sufficient. Rental cars need to be cost-shared. Cars need to be cleaned after being on the playa. Consider these sorts of things. Most people pay about $100-$120 for a ride in and out of the playa, or about $50-$60 per leg.

Bikes on the playa

While we can’t make you rent a bike, and particularly if you’re a virgin and have yet to know what having a bike does or doesn’t mean, we strongly encourage you to bring or rent a bike. Regardless of your choice, we ask that all campmates fill out this part of the master spreadsheet. And if you will be on a bike, remember to bring LOTS of lights for your bike, a lock and some way to make your bike be visible and distinct from a distance.

Your feet

Yes, you’ll be doing lots and lots of walking. Over days. In and on terrain that is unlike anything else you’ve probably encountered before. Think comfort and walkability with your shoes. Look at photos of people at Burning Man and note that most of them wear some pretty durable footwear with socks. This is not the place to break in a new pair of shoes or sport those sexy but flimsy flip-flops.

Art cars

While we can’t promise anything specific, may you have one (or as many) utterly awesome journeys on an art car on the playa. They are an integral, functional and fun part of Burning Man. We beg of you, though, if you decide to hop on an art car, that you and your companions take good note of where you left your bike, if you were on bike when you joined an art car. You’ll appreciate that wee bit of detail and attention hours later. If you can, park your bike near some art or a camp and take note of where that was.


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