What the camp brings

Your camp contribution supports our infrastructure and gift, i.e. – 
  • Our farmers market (our camp’s primary gift);
  • The Countless Carrots pre-party and march;
  • A kitchen tent;
  • A truck to ferry most of our camp and personal gear in and out of the playa;
  • A kickin’ shade dome and space to relax with couches, coffee tables and more;
  • An LNT (Leave No Trace) system for trash, recyclable and grey water;
  • Power (limited but we do have electricity);
  • Shade for everyone’s personal tents;
  • More Carrot decor;
  • Rebar to stake your tent;
  • Bike racks;
  • Bulk water (great spring water) for drinking, and municipal water for dish-washing and sponge baths;
  • A sound system;
  • Year-round storage for our camp (so we don’t have to repurchase items anew);
  • Year-round storage space for you: one box, one cooler and one bike (per these conditions);
  • Inclusion in the French Quarter village; and
  • Your pre-playa time in Reno for the rental houses where our camp stays and your meals those couple/few days.

Here’s a detailed camp inventory spreadsheet here if you want more specifics.

Here’s what’s not supported by your camp gift –
  • Your tent and anything related to your personal, used-mainly-by-you structures;
  • Your ride both into and out of the playa (we recommend that you budget $60 for each leg of the trip into and out of the playa);
  • Your on-playa bike (we recommend you have one!) plus accessories, a lock and lights for your bike;
  • Your on-playa food and storage for your food, e.g. coolers and ice. We recommend at least a $30 budget for ice … and use a good-quality cooler;
  • Your cooking team’s food expenses ($45 per person; a one-time expense);
  • Your post-playa hotel stay in Reno;
  • Showers; and
  • Everything else you need to survive that’s not listed above.




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