What we do

At Burning Man, our two key offerings are — what we call — a farmers market and our Countless Carrots March and pre-party.

farmers market stall at burningman 2012Farmers Market

In short, we gift fresh produce to our dusty brethren. Our farmers market is typically open Tuesday – Friday, 8 – 10 a.m., and it has three primary components: 1) a farmers market stall with a variety of fresh whole vegetables and fruits, 2) a bicycle-powered smoothie maker and 3) sometimes, a mobile market.

Our bicycle-powered blender is a hit on the playa where passer-bys are invited to make their own smoothies.  Typically we offer two options each day the stall is open, an alcohol-based smoothie and a non-alcohol smoothie.

Our mobile market can be seen out and about on playa, delivering fresh, wholesome goodness. If you see some bikes with large carrots attached and people gathered around, it could well be a group of Carrots out doing a mobile delivery of our market.

Helping out with the market

If you’re not a part of our camp, but would love to participate, the best way to help is to come and enjoy our market, make yourself a smoothie and grab a plum or zucchini to go. While we appreciate the many offers we get to help out and do a shift at the market, our camp has the shifts covered. Another area you can help is with  food donations. Over the years, we’ve had a variety of food donations ranging from a bushel full of fresh green peppers from someone’s garden, to several boxes from an orchard that was donated to us, to small jars of honey from someone’s hives, to small batches of single-serve granola packets and more. And, of course, as we run our annual fundraiser, if you’d like to contribute there, we’d appreciate your financial support. More veggies is more better.

Countless Carrots March

more carrot countless carrots march burningnman 2012

Each year, as the Billion Bunnies hop across the playa, we prepare to meet them with our small but powerful Countless Carrots March. You can read more about our march here.

Helping out with the march

If you’re not a part of our camp, but would love to participate, by all means, come to our party Thursday afternoon! And wear orange and green to show your camaraderie with the Carrots. Come as a salad (yes, we had a “happenstance” encounter with a group dressed as a salad one year on the way to the march); come as vegetables. Just come to our party and march. Make signs. Help us decorate and prepare for our tribal march with easy and inexpensive carrot-ifying accessories. (Maybe make some fun accessories at home and bring them to the march.) Drink. Dance. Revel in Carrot power. And then march with us to the open playa where we, in collusion with Animal Control, we meet the Bunnies … sometimes in peace, sometimes in protest, always with a message … and a whole lot of good cheer.