Everyone’s To-do Checklist

Here is a list of all the camp-related actions and communications you’ll need to take care of and check off as being done. And soon!  As you can probably guess, many related projects and bits of coordination are connected to the info you provide, so help your campmate out and make sure your checklist is checked!

Introduce yourself

  • Introduce yourself to your fellow campmates;
  • Fill out More Carrot Master Spreadsheet (there are SEVEN tabs requiring info from you). Please add —
    • your contact information,
    • your travel arrangements, and
    • your tent size, food leanings (any allergies, foods you avoid, diet you aim to follow?) and if you’re bringing or renting a bike;


  • Pay your share of the More Carrot camp costs ($400);
  • Budget for your other expenses; e.g., bike, coffee, ice ($3/bag and you need lots of it and cash to pay for it), any special food, your cooking night meal cost contribution (about $45), camping gear, post-burn decompression, travel to and from the event (about $100); bike (about $100 rental fee plus $100 security deposit); and, of course, your Burning Man ticket!
Teams & Participation
  • Join a team or two; take a look at the list of skills and support we need.
  • Sign up for a cooking team,
  • Sign up for a Farmers Market shift or two.


Logistics & Travel

  • Secure your Burning Man ticket
  • Secure travel to Reno
  • Secure a bike for on-playa transportation
  • Secure travel in and out of the playa (our camp can help you with this)

Packing & Information Resources